How to Make Your House Smell Like You Have NO PETS

Do you have pets in your house?

We practically have a zoo at our house. I have three dogs and my boyfriend had two resulting in a five dog household when we moved in together. While it sounds like a total circus, it sometimes is – but we don’t have kids… so it balances out a bit and is similar to a 2-3 kid household with pets, I would imagine. Maybe?

One of my constant struggles (besides dog hair on the floor) is that from time to time, the house will smell like we have five dogs. It is definitely a tougher struggle if you have carpet. We have carpet in some of our rooms, but we also have cement in other rooms (since we had to rip up carpet and we’re in between doing that and deciding what to do for long term flooring).

I have tried just about everything I can do including: lighting candles, burning wax tarts, and spritzing air freshener periodically. What I have found that works the best, though, is a combination of two things.

Turning on essential oil diffusers that run all day and cups of vinegar.

I started with one diffuser and have graduated up to owning three (this one, that one, and a smaller 300 mL one in our bedroom). I recommend getting one like the first two options or one that has a tank that holds at least 500 mL. Those diffusers can run all day, and add a constant stream of nice smells to the air. I like these essential oil packs and most recently have bought this one at Walmart.

The real trick, though, is the vinegar.

While I believe vinegar to have an unfortunate scent, it is able to neutralize other smells.

I have stashed small containers of vinegar in various places where I notice the dog smell lingers and it absorbs and neutralizes the smell. At first, I was skeptical and I could smell the vinegar in my bedroom. After about a day, though, I could no longer smell the vinegar itself and I also noticed that my bedroom smelled much less dog-like (and we have carpet in this room)!

The neutralization from the vinegar plus the freshness of the diffuser is a winning combination for us in our house and the reason why we went from one to three diffusers that run in the main areas of the house where we struggle with the dog smell.

I use small to-go containers for leftovers and just sit them in inconspicuous places (in a corner, behind a plant, inside a crate) throughout the house and refill them as needed. They’ll run dry after a few weeks.

Besides this, I’ve realized that it really helps if you are bathing your dog regularly (sounds stupid simple, but ya know) and washing not only their bedding but any cloth items that they may sit/lay on (like throw pillows or blankets you may have sitting on your couch and/or their dog beds).

If you’ve got any other tips for combatting the dog smell, let me know please!

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