What’s Winning in Internet Land This Week 5.19.19

Every Sunday morning, I sit with my cup of coffee and slowly sift through all that the internet has to offer.

These moments are when I truly relish the weekend and the lack of go-go-go-ness that always seems to be propelling me forward.

This is what I enjoyed this week:

They built their own tiny house & what else is there to say? It’s awesome.

I tried this avocado chickpea salad recipe this week and it was a refreshing change to usual staples on rotation in our house. Minimal prep & no cooking? WIN.

Also: I’m eyeing this recipe for this week. If you don’t follow Budget Bytes, you definitely should!

Should you send a handwritten thank-you note after an interview? (If you’re in the yes camp, here’s a bonus tip from Frankie and Grace: drop the thank you note in the mailbox on your way to the interview to get it there faster)

35 excellent money quotes you’ve never heard before

“And sometimes I think in the FIRE community, there‚Äôs this moral judgment about if you want to buy something nice, you are morally weak.”
I personally really dig the concept of FIRE and would like to semi-retire early in life (age 40ish). I really appreciate Ramit Sethi’s take on the whole idea of living while chasing FIRE, as discussed on the Mad Fientist podcast.

I got this delivered this week and while I’m still learning, it’s a fair bit simpler to give my very fine, very straight hair some curls!

I hope your weekend was lovely and refreshing!

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