How I Freshen My Car

I mentioned that I drive for the food delivery gigs, right?

One of the fun side effects of doing this is that Black Betty (my beautiful Jeep) can smell like the inside of a KFC afterwards. #thumbsdown

Obviously this was a problem to solve, so I experimented with adding a strong air freshener (floral fried chicken smell, anyone?) and leaving my windows open (don’t do this, it just expands to your garage). Neither of these options worked well and left me wondering what else I could do.

After some pondering, I remembered a tip that is actually pretty common in the reseller community for freshening thrift store clothing.


Did you know that vodka (like vinegar), has neutralization properties? All you really need to do is give a good spritz to a pair of thrift store jeans and let it dry and all of the musty funk smell disappears.

I decided to apply this trick inside the Jeep. I mixed about 60% plain vodka with 40% water in a spray bottle and shook it up. I liberally sprayed the seats inside and shut the doors. The next morning, it was like fried chicken had never been inside the car. A bonus perk was that it revived my tired air freshener too! I had been thinking of tossing it, but I could smell it again! So a quick vodka/water spritz not only took away the unwanted smells, but added the nice floral scent of my air freshener. #doublewin

Now, I do this whenever I come home from running delivery orders (especially when it’s fried chicken, pizza, or anything with broccoli). Just make sure you give it time to sink in and dry or you’ll have a wet bum if you try to get in the car soon after.

If you’re going to try this, don’t buy premium vodka. The middle of the road/cheaper stuff works fine. If you’re feeling a little wild – try the flavored vodka. You’ll neutralize any weird smells AND be left with a faint citrusy scent.

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