What’s Winning in Internet Land – 5.26.19

Hellooooo and happy Sunday, internet friends!

Just wrapping up a typical week on my end. It has gotten insufferably HOT in Florida over the last seven days, though. We’re talking from feeling like the high 80’s to feeling like the 100’s. 🙁 I guess Spring has left us and I may or may not be switching my wardrobe to sundresses permanently.

In other news, these are my favorites from the web this week:

You DON’T have to monetize your joy

7 healthy habits to add ten years to your life –all pretty typical suggestions, but the sleep one kind of clicked for me. Sleep is not a luxury. I’m always feeling a bit lame for wanting to go to bed early (these days that looks like 9 pm with my daily 5:30 wake up calls). But if anything is “self care” (I hate that term) — this is probably it.

The best credit cards for 2019 – I’m such a finance nerd, I love all of this stuff.

This garage turned apartment is beyond dreamy and makes me wish I could start clean and pare down. I lean a bit more towards maximalist and have too many things that I love though.

A new-to-me budget structure! The 70/10/10/10 budget.

My personal favorite of this week’s links: two tone walls (half white/half color) here, here, here

I have been hemming and hawing about a house project to add planking to the bottom of our walls. Something about it hasn’t felt right, it’s fairly pricy and I have been putting it off. After seeing those two tone walls, I decided THAT is the project. I’m off to find something similar to the PPG Color of the Year pick.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

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