What’s Winning in Internet Land – 6.2.19

Happy Sunday and Happy June!

In another few weeks, we’ll officially be crossing over into the second half of the year, and I can’t quite get my head around it.

It was a regular week around these parts, but I did spend a decent amount of time painting in the house. I’ve been on a LONG mission to get rid of the ugly brown paint in our house that the builders painted it.. and now it’s MOSTLY white!!! I also started to apply that two-tone paint effect I mentioned in last week’s links and it is A MILLION PERCENT BETTER.

These are the links that caught my eye this week in Internet Land:

From the Money & Happy group: This is a chrome extension that that tells you if a book you want to purchase on Amazon is available through your local library!

From Introvert dear: Can birth order affect your personality type? I am an INTJ and I say yes. A lot of the information presented here rings true for me.

From Raptitude: “I’m all for “play,” as a concept and a virtue. But I don’t think I want playthings mixed in hopelessly with my tools. We don’t play with tape measures, envelopes, maps, dictionaries, or calculators. We don’t go to staple something and end up watching a movie review.”

He talks about how our phones have shifted from these fantastic tools that would fascinate people who lived before their invention…into actual toys that are running our lives. We don’t really appreciate them for the utility that they provide anymore (the ability to look up the weather, to contact anyone anywhere in the world, to look up literally any question you have). I found myself nodding along while reading this post, as I just had to upgrade my iPhone because I have worn out my current one from overuse in just a year. I find myself too dependent on it and am looking to take my time back.

Also from Raptitude: I plan to go back and go through his different life experiments he’s conducted

From Enjoy It: Elise just posted her review on Me Made May. She set out a few years ago to create pieces in her own wardrobe by making them herself. She spent the whole month of May only wearing pieces that she personally made by hand. It’s so inspiring!

From Lifehacker: It’s so easy to fall into what’s easiest and slowly into what’s kind disheartening (i.e. shoveling frozen food from the microwave into your mouth while you stand over the sink) when you’re cooking for one and there’s nobody to impress. I thought this was an interesting perspective for how to get excited about cooking for yourself.

I’m always trying to widen my net for more great content on the web. If you’ve seen something great, let me know!

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