What’s Winning in Internet Land This Week – 6.9.19

Happy Sunday!!

Another hot week gone by here in Florida. I spent the week doing my regular activities and diving into the Weight Watchers world.

Here’s what intrigued me in Internet Land this week:

Nick Loper’s massive list of 73 passive income strategies. I really like that he posts ways he’s actually earning money passively and there are quite a few on here that are new to me.

Speaking of, I am adding Worthy to my short term goals based on that list. It is a VERY low entry to earning a 5% investment return. $10 gets you started and I plan to scrounge up $10 this week to get it going.

Roofstock is another item on that list that I find very appealing and SUPER interesting. It makes owning property that generates passive income a much easier feat by allowing you to go through them to purchase turn-key properties or buy pieces of properties, basically the way REITs work. The minimum investment is $5,000 though. This is going on my next couple of years list.

This week, I decided to be honest with myself and admit that I’m not doing that good of a job with food moderation. I’ve been on the “I’ll do better next week” bandwagon for a while and well, that shows. I signed up for Weight Watchers this week after realizing it is shockingly affordable ($13 a month) and has gone largely digital (I have no desire to go to weekly meetings).

I’ve been participating since Thursday and have come in under my daily points, earned extra points from the regular walking I do anyway, and haven’t touched my weekly cushion of points (they give you an extra 30 or so). My goal is to be down 10 pounds in a month. #fingerscrossed

If you’re interested, use my link to get a month free.

So far, I’ve made this zero point chili and swapped in greek yogurt for my usual sour cream (I didn’t notice the difference! I couldn’t believe it.)

I also made these black bean brownies.

This site claims they’re 0 points, but I think they’re probably more like 4-5 points apiece. The black beans mix right in and are virtually undetectable, though. I did think that the brownies themselves smelled a bit tangy but they tasted perfectly chocolatey. I asked my SO to try them before revealing the experiment and while he knew something was different (the texture came out much more dense than a traditional brownie), he said they were good enough to eat regularly. Win!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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