My Plan to Make $100 per day

$100 a day.

The perfect (and popular) goal among freelancers, gig life-ers and anyone who does not work a conventional salary type job.

$100 a day comes out to $3k a month, which is an attainable goal but also offers a lot of options for one person. My personal goal is to keep $100 a day (so we’re talking about actually making $130 a day), but I’m still working towards that.

Here’s how I’ve broken it down:


I structure my day, week, and month by the power of 10.

10×10=100, that’s easy math.

I ask myself what are 10 things I can do to make $10 a pop to get to my goal?

I personally have a handful of ways that I use to make money currently (I teach classes with VIPKid, I drive for Grubhub and Doordash, and I sell on eBay– and I’m always looking for something else easy to add to the mix).

So, ideally, a $100 day would just need to be 3 of each of these things (3 deliveries at $10, 3 items sold at $10 profit, and 3 classes with VIPKid on a good day) and then hopefully 1 more of one of them to get to that $100. It could be any mix of these (5 $10 classes, 2 $15 deliveries, and 1 $20 profit eBay sale), but my brain likes to consider it in terms of ten $10 boxes to check off.

For me, this takes a lot of the stress and mental energy out of day to day work decisions. I can create a list with 10 items that I can cross off as I go and make $10 as I go.

So far, I’ve been setting daily goals of completing ten $10 tasks. Since selling items online is one of my sources of income, though, it’s difficult to know when items will sell. If I don’t sell 3 items for my daily $30 portion, I don’t meet my daily goal. But then, I may sell 5 on another day and it overall balances out.

I figure if I am consistently adding new items to sell every day, I should be able to maintain a minimum of 3 $10 items selling most days. This also takes some of the emotion out of the mix when considering offers. Everyone wants to pay as little as they can for their items (myself included – I am always looking for coupon codes and sales). If their offer is lower than I had initially hoped for but checks off one of my $10 boxes – I will accept it, check my box and move along.

Moving forward, I am planning to consider my goals on a weekly and monthly basis rather than on a daily basis.

So, instead of ten $10 tasks each day we’re talking — 70 $10 tasks for the week or 300 $10 tasks for the month.

This will be a helpful perspective when I’ve had a slow sales day on eBay or VIPKid class bookings are lower than average, etc.

It’s pretty easy to make $10.

$100 is the tip of the iceberg for me and hopefully for you as well.

If you’ve got any ideas about how to earn a quick $10, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new ideas

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