The Best in Internet Land – 6.23.19

Happy Sunday!!

What happened this week? We finally got a lot of rain (and I think the fact that I’m happy about it means that I have become a real adult) and the temperatures are still cruising along in the 100’s. I am celebrating Father’s Day today with my family since the restaurant industry doesn’t sleep and my dad slaved away on the actual Father’s Day holiday. Otherwise, it was pretty low key.. I’m still going strong with WW and hoping to be down at least another 2 lbs this week.

This week on the internet:

“Sitting in front of a computer all day is killing you, and killing your work”” — The argument for using an analog desk for creative work

An idea about what to do with extra money. You know those times when you unexpectedly get a refund on something or receive that class action settlement check you filed for 3 years ago? I, for one, feel like this type of money is earmarked for fun ventures and things I would normally not allow myself to buy. This concept finds a happy medium between that ‘gift’ mentality (and feeling like I need to gift myself something) and doing something useful with it.

I appreciated this essay: Choosing to not have children is okay

This is a little farfetched but interesting nonetheless: a browser extension for Goodwill.
It will let you know if something you’re searching for is available through Goodwill. I don’t know how often that would be, but thrift stores generally run cheaper and I do enjoy frequenting many a thrift shop. If you didn’t know, Goodwill has their own site and runs auctions.

I’m following this creating a blog that makes money in under a year experiment

WINE WATER. It’s what it sounds like, water that takes like wine but is not alcoholic. The price is fairly off-putting but I’m still intrigued by the idea.

Did you see anything great this week? If so, let me know! I hope you had a lovely week!

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