What’s Winning in Internet Land – 6.30.19

Another week in the books. I spent most of my week interviewing for/prepping/training to start working for with a new ESL company this week. I also spent some time at the beach (the only way to tolerate the heat) and got a few more pages of The Magic of Believing in.

This week on the internet:

I found this article quite interesting. Most of us are guilty of the “when I get x, I will feel y” and then find that the satisfaction we were sure would come is actually still quite elusive. If we, instead, start implementing our ideal life NOW, we might be able to pick out the parts that best work for us and see that certain ones actually don’t.

Sit at a desk for long periods of time? If I find myself sitting for more than an hour straight, I start to feel tightness in my back/shoulders/neck. I’m actually sitting for 2-3 hours some days depending on how many VIPKid classes I may have in a row. I plan to start incorporating these lower back stretches to help.

I bought this bundt and springform cake pan set for my Instant pot. I plan to make this WW Banana Pumpkin cake today!

I’m dreaming about doing something like this for the 1/2 bath in my house that desperately needs a makeover.

One of my puppies is turning 3 soon and I am collecting ideas! So far, we’re making this pupper birthday cake

Hopefully you had a lovely week as well!

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