June Income Report/Overview

Helllllooo July!

It’s a new month, thankfully. I am ready to push forward and do better than I did in June. June was a sad month for me financially. All those things you hear people say about having emergency savings for lean months… they’re all true.

I debated sharing these numbers because they’re dismal, but in the spirit of full disclosure, here they are in all their (non) glory.

I have 5 gigs that I do to earn enough money to live. Doordash has been on a downturn for some time and I have not been prioritizing it. Unfortunately, it seems that Grubhub is following that trend and was not nearly as lucrative for me this month. I didn’t even go out several Fridays/Saturdays because it was just wasted time sitting and waiting for orders. They’ve altered their pay structure and it was not in favor of drivers.

eBay and Poshmark were down a bit from May’s numbers but the biggest fall was VIPKid. I had no idea that the month of June would be so slow compared to other months, but end of year exams are extremely rigorous in China and many students canceled classes. Bookings are still low even now into July, but I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll pick up soon.

Income breakdown:

Earning by gig:
VipKID: $780
eBay: $542.32
Grubhub: $227.23
Poshmark: $64.65
Doordash: $0

As for the monthly budget allocations, this is where my money went:
Car insurance: $100/$100
Jeep: $258/$258
Verizon: $78/$80
Discover loan: $369/$369
Dental Insurance: $20/$20
Qapital Savings goals: $168/$168
Misc./fun spending: $120/$135
Groceries: $315/$350
Gas: $122.50/$340
Dogs: $27/100
Gifts: $49/$50

After taxes are considered, at the end of June I am actually $415 in the hole. Womp.

For July:
*I’ve added a new gig and was hired by another ESL company called iTutorGroup. It has a larger, more diverse pool of students (ranging from ages 4-65 as opposed to just K-12 school age students).
*I plan to spend a substantially higher amount of time on both eBay and Poshmark to generate more sales there.
*I plan to apply for affiliate programs to begin monetizing here on the blog if I can.
*My base goal is to cover all of my budget line minimums ($2020) and work towards my optimal goal of making $130 per day.

Heeeeere we go, July!

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