What’s Winning in Internet Land – 7.14.19

Happy Sunday!

I’ve decided to do the Best in Internet Land every other week so that there’s a better round up of ideas. Some weeks, the internet is less interesting than others.

In the last two weeks, I’ve started teaching classes with the new ESL platform (iTutorgroup), had some fun in the sun on the 4th of July and continued to read my current book For Better and Worse (it’s keeping me up late because it’s a page turner).

Without further ado, the greatness I found on the internet from the last two weeks:

It’s no surprise that Amazon is successfully joining several different industries. Did you see that they are offering a tiny house? If I had less stuff and was single, I would seriously consider something like that.

Speaking of Amazon, some warehouse workers are planning strikes for Prime Day this week. I’m not sure this is the best choice of action. I personally worked for Amazon about a year and a half ago and I’ll agree – it is a hard job. The work is simple but it’s very repetitive and quite physical. I think the benefits and the pay that Amazon offers more than compensates for that though. I chose to find another job since I couldn’t handle the repetitive motion. I think those workers should probably do the same.

I thought the comments in this article offered different ideas for paying down credit card debt that you don’t usually hear. I personally liked the one about paying the minimums and saving aggressively in an app that automatically transfers money to savings until you can pay it off in a lump sum.

Related: I signed up for Digit yesterday to do something similar

Pottery barn is releasing a Friends furniture collection for the 25th anniversary of the show. Yes, the apothecary table will be included.

I love this refrigerator organization hack.

I am verrrrrry interested in this: a budget meal planner that is based on $5 a day meals

Pinatas for adults

Here’s to a new and lovely week!

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