July Income Report/Overview

We’re done with July and I am happy to say that I did finish it in the black! I am, of course, still not thrilled with where I am but all of the things did get paid at least. For now, I’ll consider it a win and a [minimal] baseline.

Let’s take a look.

Income breakdown:

Earning by gig
VIPKid: $764.00
eBay: $427.12
iTutorGroup: $364.75
Poshmark: $82.70
Grubhub: $20.10
Total: $1658.67

As for the monthly budget allocations, this is where my money went:
Car insurance: $100/$100
Jeep: $258/$258
Verizon: $89/$89
Discover loan: $369/$369
Dental Insurance: $20/$20
Qapital Savings goals: $168/$168
Misc./fun spending: $94/$135
Groceries: $309/$340
Gas: $32/$340
Dogs: $72/100
Dryer payment: $50/50
Total: $1541

Luckily, I spent less than I had anticipated so that balanced out on the right side.

VIPKid classes were still fewer than usual, and I am crossing everything I have that bookings go back to normal at the end of August when school resumes for the new school year in China.

I was able to add some additional income through iTutorGroup and I have plans to do even more for the month of August.

eBay was down from July’s numbers but sales tend to dip during the summer months when potential buyers are outside enjoying the sun/ traveling. I’m hopeful that sales will continue to be consistent and will ideally increase for the back to school season and quarter four.

I have mentally been trying to transition away from Grubhub and just not count on it at all. I went out and did a couple deliveries one night during July but overall have been less than impressed with what I’m able to do there, compared to what the pay used to look like. As you can see, I basically did not really make money with it.

As for expenses, I’m not entirely sure how I only filled my tank one time. I did spend more time at home since I had additional classes to teach, but I was still very surprised to see this. I also came in under budget on my fun money budget, but I did not have any birthdays or events this month.

All in all, I have an extra $117 to throw at a credit card after all is said and done. It is worth noting that If I had not purchased a work laptop this month I would be in the red this month as well. I intend to write that purchase off on my taxes (as it will be a sole work device), so I am not setting aside tax money from my income this month.

Another month of treading water down, but the horizon is looking brighter. I was able to switch my payments to weekly payments with VIPKid (starting in September) and I anticipate classes will begin rebounding soon.

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