August Income Report/Overview

We’ve officially crossed over. It’s Q4 and that means all the pumpkin things, boots, and Christmas will be here before we know it. It’s currently still hot as the dickens most days in Florida, but I know that the countdown is on.

August was a weird month for me. I had more classes overall (which is a good thing), but I felt like I had WAY more than I did because they were split up between the mornings and evenings because the Chinese children have been on summer break up until this week. They went back to school and so my schedule is going back to a more normal routine!

Let’s look a little closer:

Earning by gig
VIPKid: $1064.00 (up by $300 this month)
eBay: $460.12 (up by $33 this month)
iTutorGroup: $401.17 (up $36.42 this month)
Poshmark: $90.95 (up by $8 this month)
Grubhub: $29.05 (up by $9 this month)
Total: $2045.29 (up $386.62)

As for the monthly budget allocations, this is where my money went:
Car insurance: $100/$100
Jeep: $258/$258
Verizon: $93/$125 (we upgraded a phone and no longer work for Verizon)
Discover loan: $369/$369
Dental Insurance: $20/$20
Qapital Savings goals: $168/$168
Misc./fun spending: $100/100
Groceries: $337/$340
Gas: $80/$200
Dogs: $72/100
Dryer payment: $50/50
Total: $1547

I adjusted both the gas spending and the Verizon budgets because I haven’t come close to tapping that $340 gas limit I had previously and since we upgraded a phone, we are looking at a higher bill in the coming months. I’m also adding a line item to include gifts since the Fall/Winter months are pretty full on that front.

Overall, I made more money! YAY!

After taxes, it just about breaks even though 🙁 I will put 1/3 of the tax money towards a credit card that I am focused on and put the other 2/3 into the tax account.

This month, I opened up a Discover high interest savings account to let my savings sit in, rather than in the Qapital app. I am a current Discover customer so I thought this would be the least path of resistance for keeping multiple accounts. There are also no minimums/fees.

I plan to continue teaching on both the VIPKid and the iTutorGroup platforms for September and have been making plans to transition into earlier class times. I currently teach 7-10 am but am hoping to be teaching 6-10 am by the end of the month and 5-10 am by the end of October. The Chinese Ministry of Education has implemented a new law that begins in November, though, limiting the hours that their students can take tutoring classes. This will effectively remove two available teaching hours from my schedule in November, so I am planning to slide back into earlier time slots to hopefully not feel any negative monetary effects from that change.

I decided to turn on the Grubhub app one afternoon when I was headed out to run some errands anyway and completed two deliveries for $30. It was a pretty easy hour’s work for $30. I think I’m going to try to grab a couple deliveries when I head out to the post office three days a week and see if I can scrounge a few more dollars that way. I don’t want to depend on this source of income, but now that I’ve had a break from it, I’ve got some more patience and I’m willing to work it back in some.

I’ve got a new routine with eBay that I think I’ll carry through September. I have been listing three new items every day but have found that even listing a low number becomes cumbersome to do when I have to photograph/list/put away the items as well as ship sold items, etc. on top of all of the other things I’m working on. I am now scheduling my days to stay home on the days I do not make post office runs and work strictly on eBay for a three hour block of time. I photograph and put away as many items as I can during that block and find that I have enough items banked to do this every other or every third day. It is much easier to list my items and keep moving on the in-between days and that also frees up more time to go out and do Grubhub, source for more inventory, etc.

I have also been contemplating opening a Rover account to walk/board dogs on occasion. It has been on the docket before, but I let the background check that you must pay for be a wall that stopped me. I think I’m ready to just bite that expense and push my application through to see if I can make money through that avenue, especially now that cooler weather should be on the horizon.

Let’s go, September!

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