What’s Winning In Internet Land – 9.8.19

Happy Sunday, internet friends!

It’s the new week after the cat and mouse game that Florida played with Hurricane Dorian for the last several days. Luckily, we dodged once again and I must say, I am rather looking forward to a regular, boring week.

This week, on the internet, these are the gems I found:

This round up of inspiration. I am particularly intrigued by the 1% progress rule from Plato he mentions in #8. I’ve heard this before and contemplated it before, but I really like the running example since I struggle so much with it.

TFD Instagram – full of great tips/quick personal finance snippets as you are scrolling instagram.

The Smitten Kitchen has done it again. I have been eating this zucchini quesadilla recipe 3-4 times a week since I saw it on her website about a month ago. I predict this to be my next favorite lunchtime choice.

I discovered this fitness inspiration app this weekend. Lately, I’ve been focusing on upping my step count rather than trying to shame myself into doing actual exercises and am thinking this could be what I need to up my game. My game starts tomorrow!

I have been trialing emeals meal planning for the past few weeks and decided to take the plunge and sign up for a few months. We tried this shrimp tacos recipe this week and it was AMAZING. It’s worth noting that I only used 1 lime total and added a bit of onion powder and a good size spoonful of a jalapeno salsa verde salsa to the yogurt sauce. FANTASTIC.

I also tried out the Walmart Grocery pick up this week and man — I was SO pleasantly surprised. I fully expected something to be incorrect or my eggs to be broken, etc. since Walmart isn’t exactly known for their winning customer service. But I tell ya, it was the best shopping experience I’ve ever had at Walmart – and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular grocery shopping in the store. Use my affiliate link to get $10 off your first order if you want to try it out! (I used a friend’s link and paid $90 for $100 worth of groceries and she got $10 off her next order too. Everybody wins!)

Did you know you can see your lifetime earnings from all the jobs you’ve ever had? I was reading an article about an incredible debt payoff story that cited the Social Security website where the guy in the story viewed his lifetime earnings. This sparked him to become both angry about his life choices and then motivated him to eliminate all of his debt. It was certainly eye-opening for me as well.

Have a lovely week!

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