What’s Winning in Internet Land – 10.13.19

Happy Sunday, internet friends!

I am easing back into a regular routine after a whirlwind birthday week in the land of Harry Potter and all the theme parks surrounding it. Tonight, I celebrate one last hurrah with my family and do the whole birthday dinner cake/combo and I am thinking that 32 looks alright.

Without further ado, this week on the internet:

A very interesting personal benefits platform for gig workers and freelancers alike.

We’ve all seen that dark mode has been making waves lately in practically all of the apps we use regularly (iOS, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) but I think THIS is the best feature of iOS13, hands down.

This is sort of an obvious idea that made me rethink the whole FIRE dream. I think I started with a similar idea, but have forgotten it along the way. This seems much more attainable, and really, who wants to stop working altogether? I think we’d all rather just work on things we like working on.

I was super interested to read about all of these allowance systems that people use for their kids.

I’m rounding the corner into the last week of my Stepbet challenge. The 438 players who are still in the game are currently looking at a $7.58 profit if everyone makes it the last week. It’s certainly not an earth shattering amount of money but extra money for doing the things you should be doing anyway while building better habits? YES.

My household LOVED this emeals recipe and am looking forward to lighter/greener meals this week like this one. I am surprisingly still very into this meal planning service, two months in.

I finally finished You are a Badass and it was so good that I plan to go back through with a highlighter and notebook to write down my favorite parts.

One of my favorite bloggers wrote a book. She’s incredibly inspiring with her daily let’s-do-this attitude and I’m always amazed by how many things she makes. I’m hoping her book explains the behind the scenes magic she uses and I can’t wait to read it. It came out this week and I am secretly hoping it’s one of my birthday gifts that I unwrap this evening. If not, it’s sitting in my Amazon cart ready to be ordered.

Here’s to a new week!

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