What’s Winning In Internet Land – 10.27.19

Happy Sunday, internet friends!

It’s the day of rest and I plan to relish it. I’ve got plans to prep a few things for the week to ease some of the inevitable chaos and plans to work on a DIY project or two.

This week:

I tried this cleaning drill attachment for my shower. WHY HAVE I NEVER DONE THIS?! I bought it on a whim since it’s only $11 and I must say — best $11 I’ve spent in some time.

Related: I used this Pinterest cleaning solution recipe and plan to buy these glass bottles for the next time.

I started a new Stepbet game today. I ended up winning $10.58 in the last game. I like the concept of winning any amount of money, but mostly I am benefitting from the accountability that comes with the game. I anticipate these games becoming a normal part of my life.

I found a 30 day money saving challenge with a big impact that I am excited to do in November. The best part of it is that I think anybody could successfully complete it.

I decided to begin a new habit of making a large salad for lunch every day during the work week. I am fortunate to work from home and find that this will be the easiest way to eat lunch and work in some green things/balance into my diet. So far, I’ve tried this recipe and it was pretty good. This one and this one are also on my list.

In case you know it’s coming but feel like we have plenty of time, there are only 59 days until Christmas and only 66 days left in 2019. I’m starting to think about what I want to have wrapped up and making plans to get there.

Cheers to a new week!

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