What’s Winning in Internet Land – 11.10.19

Happy November, internet friends! It’s finally feeling like the festive time of year in Florida since summer sometimes drags on into this time of year.

This week, on the internet:

Afterpay. What a concept! I can see where this could get a person in trouble, but I am certainly intrigued.

I am still eating this apple walnut salad for lunch every day, two weeks later. I cut the maple part of the dressing in half and added an extra 2 tbsp. of olive oil to the dressing. It makes enough for the week. I also swapped the cheese for pepperjack cheese and it is FANTASTIC. I’m not even a big salad person.

I was perusing Oprah’s favorite things list and stumbled on these Gibson Elite dishes. Our mismatched dishes have been serving us well for the last several years, but I am now thinking a couple sets of these may be a lovely Christmas gift to my household.

I am going strong a week into the 30 day money savings challenge and am ahead of schedule with $63.35 saved compared to the $45 I should have saved at this point. No amount of money is too small to record (including the 31 cents I found one day this week) and I am trying to fit in extra earning activities whenever I can. I am using the daily goal amounts as a guideline to keep going but I’m more focused on the earning aspect rather than the daily amounts since I know that near the end of the month, it will be more difficult to meet the daily goals every day.

Reaaaaaalllly digging the new Flower Home by Drew Barrymore collection. It’s a big win for Walmart because it really has a Target Opal House feel to it.

I’m planning to dig in to the Christmas season this week and order a new Christmas tree.

Cheers to the new week and the best time of the year!

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