November Savings Challenge Results

Last month I posted a daily savings challenge that I was going to follow to save for Christmas spending this year. It was an easy-to-follow format that ultimately had a very big bang for a short amount of time.

I used the Notes app on my iPhone to keep track of my progress each day.

In the beginning, I was trying to satisfy those daily goal requirements. It was much easier to do when the goals were $1-$5. Once I got over $5 goal, I started focusing one extra tasks that I could do rather than the daily amounts.

Ultimately, this is why I succeeded in the challenge because there were days that I wasn’t able to fit in anything extra. The days that I did earn towards this challenge were typically much higher than the daily goal, so it all evened out at the end.

I had four main methods for earning money for this challenge: dog walking, Amazon Mechanical Turk, food delivery apps (Grubhub, Doordash) and selling things (Amazon, Facebook marketplace).

Selling items: Amazon FBA- This was a pretty passive means of earning money as I had forgotten I still had items for sale in the Amazon warehouses. (You can read about selling on Amazon here) I got an email about one of the products so I decided to go look at the dashboard. I lowered all of the prices to match the lowest prices and instantly started selling items that had been sitting for months. I sold all of the items and made $108.35 towards the goal.

Selling items: Facebook Marketplace – I don’t usually sell items on the marketplace. It just so happened that I was looking to get rid of a piece of furniture and helped my dad do the same with a couple of pieces. Total earned: $57.44

Amazon Mechanical TurkThis is micro task website. Many people write off the potential of Mturk since most of the tasks pay so little (as little as 1 cent). I don’t use it as a main form of income, but try to aim for $1-3 a day answering surveys and doing simple tasks while I’m drinking my morning coffee and piddling on the internet anyway. I go through phases where I don’t do any surveys and then come back to it when I want to. I made $23.66 towards the goal from Mturk tasks.

Grubhub/Doordash– Food delivery apps are a great way to make extra money. I’ve experimented with trying to make it a primary source of income and it is certainly doable – but somewhat stressful as well since you can’t predict how many deliveries you will get, what they’ll pay, etc. For extra money, though, it’s a quick $10-20 whenever you can fit them into your schedule (usually around lunch time and dinner time). I made $17.78 with Doordash and $110.86 with Grubhub.

Dog Walking – I signed up for Rover months ago and finally got a client request. It turned out to be a recurring request for a few times a week. Their Thanksgiving week sitter also fell through so I picked up additional visits for the few days around Thanksgiving resulting in $150 towards the challenge.

I also had one VIPKid SN Class listed in the daily breakdown. I teach English online via VIPKid and happened to snag an additional class during a slot that I don’t typically teach. Since I opened and booked it in under 24 hours, I also got the short notice bonus for it and earned a total of $12 towards the challenge.

Overall, I met the goal and added $465.44 to my Christmas spending budget! This was a great exercise for saving a decent amount of money in a short period of time. I think I may work in this challenge once a quarter in the new year and use it for specific goals or just to pad my savings/investments.

If you’ve never tried it, I definitely recommend giving it a whirl.

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