The Grocery Report – Week 2

Welcome back for this week’s grocery report. We cooked/ate at home every day this week and spent just about the same amount as week one.

What did I spend my weekly $57.50 on?

Week 2
Total Spent: $51.66, $5.84 leftover

$1.17 bananas
$2.23 zucchini
$1.94 Bag of red onions
$1.74 3 cans of Great Value cannellini beans
$1.98 Great Value Sharp White Shredded Cheese
$1.84 Great Value Vegetable Oil 48 oz.
$1.98 Land O Lakes Garlic & Herb Butter 6.5 oz
$1.99 Great Value Fat Free Milk 1 Gallon
$1.77 Ole Mexican Corn Tortillas 30 ct.
$2.74 Little Debbie Apple Fruit Pies 8 ct.
$5.34 Frozen Medium Size Shrimp
$2.18 Fresh Sliced Bella Mushrooms 8 oz.
$1.96 Fresh Strawberries 1 lb.
$2.34 Great Value Large Eggs 12 ct.
$1.44 2 Navel Oranges
$1.53 Great Value Medium Cantina Style Verde Salsa
$1.24 Lay’s Stax BBQ Chips
$1.24 Lay’s Stax Bacon & Cheddar Potato Skin Chips
$2.28 4 Clear American Seltzer bottles (Peach, Apple)

Toiletries/Household Items
$4.98 Equate 16 oz. Pack Stomach Relief Liquid – 2 pack (Pepto Bismol)
$1.97 Great Value Non-Scratch Sponges 4 ct.
$1.94 Suave Essentials Aloe & Waterlily Shampoo 30 oz.
$1.94 Great Value Double Zipper Gallon Bags 40 ct.

The strawberries and chips were part of my contribution to a Mother’s Day dinner and technically were not typical purchases. I made a strawberry shortcake and supplied chips to go with the Firehouse subs my sister brought for dinner.

I restocked our pantry/cabinet with gallon storage bags and Pepto (an item probably best to never be without) on this trip and also bought a new pack of sponges (we’re down to the last one) as well as shampoo. I decided to try Suave this time to save a couple of dollars over my usual Love & Planet Choice ($6-7). It is a larger size and cheaper. While I’m not convinced I love it, I will manage for the next couple of months for the sake of experimenting.

What did we eat?

We made these Chicken Enchiladas with Green Sauce but I wouldn’t make them again based on this recipe. The gravy sauce is strange in this recipe. I will likely alter it to have a green salsa/sour cream combination sauce. I make a green salsa beef enchilada recipe already that is to die for. I may just swap the protein for chicken the next go around. I also ate the Mushroom Rice Pilaf from last week a few days into this week and added grilled zucchini to it. These two dishes lasted most of the week. My s.o. went off list again and cooked a bacon gnocchi dish that we already had ingredients for.

So far, 3/4 of the week’s recipes have stretched the whole week. Moving forward, I am going to choose 3 recipes since I have had to slide one recipe forward each week. I am trying not to waste produce so I want to plan a bit better.

This coming week, the turkey burrito skillet will make an appearance (and last 2-3 days), so we plan to cook shrimp tacos and falafel. If we have to fill in one day, we have plenty of quick items like tuna and easy- to-heat items in the freezer.

You can see the recipes we’re trying here and the recipes that have passed the test here. It’s my goal to compile eight weeks of meals to simply rotate through eventually.

So far, we’re halfway through the month and up $12.08.

Happy weekend!

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