The Grocery Report – Week 3

Hello and happy weekend. We made it through another week.

Welcome to week three of the grocery report. This was another week spent at home cooking all of our meals from grocery store ingredients. I know many people are ordering take out during this time but we have not eaten out/ordered take out in months.

This is how it all shook down this week:

I spent $51.54 of the $57.50 weekly allotment. So far, I’ve been within cents of this amount every week. I was unsure if I would be successful staying within these limitations at all but I’ve been hovering at the 90% threshold!

Week 3
$51.54 spent, $5.96 leftover

$1.38 Mount Olive fresh jalapeno slices jar) 12 oz.
$0.85 cilantro
$1.62 2 large loose red onions
$2.24 yellow onions 3 lb. bag
$0.95 5 bananas
$2.85 5 bottles of Clear American seltzer (orange, peach, apple)
$1.53 Great Value canola non-stick cooking spray 8 oz.
$0.88 Iberia black beans 12 oz.
$2.90 5 cans of Great Value cannellini beans
$2.44 Great Value fat free milk 1 gallon
$2.98 Great Value sweet cream salted butter 4 sticks 16 oz.
$1.28 Great Value large white eggs 12 ct.
$2.96 2 cans Del Monte southwest poblano & red pepper kernel corn
$2.48 2 Marketside french baguettes
$1.32 Great Value soy sauce
$0.54 1 lemon
$2.73 Stonefire roasted garlic naan 2 ct.
$2.98 Cedarlane garlic hummus
$1.74 Great Value cantina style tortilla chips 13 oz.
$4.46 Wonderful roasted & salted pistachios 8 oz.

$3.67 Great Value ultra strong paper towels split sheet 2 double rolls
$2.64 Great Value distilled white vinegar 1 gallon

This week’s grocery haul was mostly comprised of food and only two household items. Each week as I put together the list, I look through the pantry, bathrooms, and laundry area to see what is running low. My goal is to buy a back up item before it runs out. I’ve been adding 1-2 of these items per week and sometimes more if there’s extra funds (like last week – we got 4 household items).

What did we eat?

As I mentioned in the last grocery report, my significant other made a bacon mushroom gnocchi dish that was amazing last weekend. I’m always blown away by his ability to iron chef incredible dishes from a few ingredients hiding in the pantry/fridge. This meant that we made the turkey burrito skillet meal on Monday and it lasted four days. I actually froze three portions of it for later next month. We did double the recipe, though. If you find a recipe you like (particularly a one pot recipe) – always double it.

The week finished off with burgers on Friday night and spaghetti over the weekend. We didn’t get to the shrimp tacos or the falafel and those will slide into next week. I decided to add chips/guac to go with the shrimp tacos so that it’ll last more than one meal.

Spaghetti will likely last us 3-4 days into the new week (we make a gigantic pot of it) and we’ll close out the week with falafel, shrimp tacos with chips/guac and possibly some grilled zucchini hummus wraps.

You can see the recipes we’re trying here and the recipes that have passed the test here. It’s my goal to compile eight weeks of meals to simply rotate through eventually.

We’re heading into the last week of the month and up $18.04 so far!

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