The Grocery Report – Weeks 5&6

This week’s Grocery Report summary is a bit different because the weeks are combined. Week 5 didn’t include a regular grocery shop (no shop at all, in fact) and we made due with what was in the house because I had to go out of town that weekend and it turned my schedule on its side.

During week 5, my s.o. started the week with pizza that lasted him a few days. On Monday, we made a large pot of rice and ground beef. Both were seasoned and mixed together. While this isn’t exactly fancy, the taste was good and I topped my bowl with grilled zucchini every night. I also mixed a bit of the rice in with eggs and sour cream when I felt like a savory breakfast. We ate this all week. Sometimes simple is all you need.

For week 6, we’ve gotten back on track. Since I spent $0 for the first week of the month, I technically had $125 to shop with. I have previously been spending about $18-20 per month on toilet paper from Amazon. It arrives on our Subscribe & Save schedule mid-month every month but we have accumulated a bit of a stockpile. I decided that we can resume buying the large Walmart brand pack once a month since we have a month’s extra or so already in the closet. (We could technically skip that this month but I’m weary of another bottleneck in supply delivery with Covid). The Walmart pack is $11 (a few rolls less) compared to the $18-20 from Amazon (a few more rolls).

I spent $121.93 of the $125 allotment.

What did I buy?

Week 5&6
$121.93 spent, $3.07 leftover

$1.25 2 yellow onions
$1.57 2 red onions
$1.52 2 zucchinis
$1.12 5 bananas
$0.78 1 bunch cilantro
$1.56 2 Hass avocados
$3.27 5 lb. bag of russet potatoes
$2.78 Great Value Frozen Beef & Bean Burritos
$5.94 Great Value boneless skinless chicken breasts (3 lb. frozen)
$1.38 Great Value coffee filters 200 ct.
$1.74 Great Value cantina style tortilla chips 13 oz.
$1.34 Great Value frozen lima beans 12 oz.
$1.22 Cacique pork chorizo 10 oz.
$2.76 Mission burrito flour tortillas 8 ct.
$3.00 Hostess apple fruit pie – 3
$1.87 Great value sour cream 24 oz.
$2.94 International Delight hazelnut coffee creamer 1 qt.
$2.66 Great Value american cheese singles 24 ct.
$2.20 Great Value large white eggs 18 ct.
$2.74 Great Value fat free milk 1 gallon
$1.48 Great Value dry pinto beans 32 oz.
$2.68 Sara Lee artesano bakery bread loaf
$2.85 Clear American Seltzer (Apple, Peach) – 5 bottles
$2.46 Great Value quick oats 42 oz.
$4.62 Tyson Spicy Chicken patties
$3.78 Lay’s sour cream and onion potato chips party size
$2.84 Smucker’s strawberry preserves 18 oz.
$12.99 Wellsley Farms Peruvian Coffee 40 oz.

$3.67 Great Value Split Sheet Paper towels- 2 double rolls
$10.72 Great Value ultra strong toilet paper 12 mega rolls (very similar to Charmin)
$6.47 O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet
$4.98 File
$3.00 Dial Handsoap x 2

During week 6, we made chicken avocado tacos and ate them with chips and salsa, spicy chicken sandwiches (with regular toasted sandwich bread), and quesadillas with the leftover chicken from the avocado tacos. We also made a big pot of these marinated beans and ate them with bread/chips for lunch.

I don’t usually buy special ingredients for breakfast and rotate between eggs and toast (bacon if we have it) and a banana maple oatmeal. I always buy a bunch of bananas since I like to eat them in a variety of ways and our dogs love them as treats.

The chicken avocado taco recipe will be moved into the regular rotation folder. You can see the recipes we’re trying here and the recipes that have passed the test here. It’s my goal to compile eight weeks of meals to simply rotate through eventually.

We’re heading into the third week of the month and up $3.07 so far.

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