Real Ways To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

We all hate spending money on bills, don’t we? It’s part of life. My household has decided to really get into all of our bills to see if we can lower them, though. We’ve implemented several changes in the past couple of months and I’m pleased to say that we lowered our electric bill $50.00!

How did we do it?

We swapped ALL of our regular lightbulbs for LEDs (I bought these Sylvania bulbs – I couldn’t believe how affordable they were).

We swapped old shower heads for low flow options. We installed this one with a detachable wand in the master bath (because the dogs also get bathed in this shower) and it’s not really that different from the one I had before. I would call it a minor adjustment. It’s got a surprising amount of pressure.

We also purchased this one for the secondary bathroom.

We also added aerator pieces to all of our bathroom faucets. These were pretty cheap and just twisted onto the faucets.

We added surge protectors with long cords to areas where a lot of devices plug in (behind the entertainment center in the living room and under my work desk. Now, we just have to flip a switch to turn all of those off when we go to sleep now.

We have started to unplug anything that is not being used. (TV, Alexa devices, toaster, coffee pot, stove, washer, dryer, etc.) Most of these bigger appliances are on their own breaker switch and it’s just the flip of a switch. Chances are, you’ll realize that you do not need your toaster plugged in all the time for 5 minutes you use it each day (or week).

We have become stricter about leaving lights on when walking out of a room. If you leave the room (even though you’re planning to come back in a few minutes), turn the light off.

We added lamps to the living room and use those while watching TV instead of an overhead light.

We’ve bumped the AC up a few degrees and leave it. If we’re working outside and the house feels too hot, we lower it until we cool down (or go stand in front of a fan) and then push it back up. It’s taken a few weeks, but I think our bodies are adjusting. If you try this, just change one degree for a few weeks. Once that feels normal, push it up another degree.

We switched our sprinkler system to water two days a week instead of three, but for longer periods. This has lowered the amount of water we’re using overall for the month.

We’ve also installed a piece on the toilets to make them function as low flow toilets even though they’re older models.

Most of these tips are somewhat common and you may find them scattered around the internet if you’re looking for them. Others, like unplugging ALL your appliances are simple but often overlooked. I personally have never even considered unplugging my oven. Turns out we only flip that breaker once or twice a week.

If you’re running a tight budget and looking for ways to widen the gap, you may not have the extra money to spend $50-80 on all new lightbulbs (particularly when the ones you already have in your house are still functioning) as well as another $30 on new shower heads, etc. I hear you. Buy one box this moth and another the next. That’s what we did. We made a few changes each month for the last several months.

I’m still hunting for new ways to lower our electric bill (and the rest of them) and will update as I implement new ideas that work.

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