The Grocery Report – Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of The Grocery Report!

This week, we cooked a lot out of the pantry and only utilized one of the recipes I had planned for the week. We did not eat out at all this week.

I spent $62.40 of my $62.50 allotment – just under the line.

Week 7
$62.40 spent, $0.10 leftover

What did I buy?

$1.12 bananas- 5
$0.90 3 large roma tomatoes
$0.70 1 yellow onion
$0.78 1 red onion
$0.78 1 bunch cilantro
$1.56 2 hass avocados
$1.74 Great Value cantina style tortilla chips 13 oz.
$3.78 Lay’s sour cream and onion potato chips party size 12.5 oz
$2.68 Sara Lee Artesano Baked Bread loaf
$4.00 Hostess Apple Fruit Pie – 4
$3.47 Little Debbie big pack oatmeal pies
$2.28 Clear American Seltzer (fuji apple and peach) – 4 bottles
$1.28 Great value large white eggs 12 ct.
$1.33 Great Value butter flavored syrup 24 oz.
$1.96 Great Value hamburger dill pickle chips 32 oz.
$2.74 Great Value fat free milk 1 gallon
$1.28 Great Value cream cheese 8 oz.
$1.23 Great Value Sweetened condensed milk 8 oz.
$2.14 Great Value frozen strawberries 16 oz.
$0.88 Great Value Graham 9″ pie crust
$3.32 Festive ground turkey roll 1 lb.- 2 rolls
$4.98 Great Value naturally hickory smoked bacon 16 oz.
$2.14 Hain pure foods sea salt 21 oz.
$3.68 Bella Sun Luci julienne cut sundried tomatoes 8.5 oz
$1.38 Great Value hot sliced jalapeno peppers (jar) 12 oz.
$2.00 Oscar Mayer super thick sliced bologna 16 oz.
$3.58 Great Value shredded cheese (colby/monterey jack) 16 oz.
$1.74 Great Value great northern beans – 3 cans

Household items
$2.64 distilled vinegar – 1 gallon

What did we eat this week?

We cooked out of the freezer/pantry for the majority of the week. We had chicken wings with mashed potatoes for a few dinners and then a Mexican style stew that my s.o. created from ground beef, potatoes, tomato sauce, and cilantro+spices. We made a large batch of the Bacon Spinach Pasta to carry us through the weekend. That means that the Greek Turkey Skillet I had planned for this week will slide to next week’s menu.

A few items have slowly been increasing in price each week, due to Covid shortages and factory closures. Milk has increased 37%, bacon increased about 20% and ground beef has gone up significantly as well. I will be making more intentional choices with these items on future trips.

Besides price increases, buying ready made treats like the Little Debbie oatmeal pies, Hostess apple pies and potato chips is eating significantly into the weekly budget as well. I will be exploring alternative options in future shops to widen the gap a bit in this area.

I also purchased extra ingredients to cook a joint Mother’s Day/Father’s day dinner/dessert this trip. Approximately $7.00 of this grocery shop went towards that.

The goal is to feed us during the week (of course) but also to have a few dollars left over each week to put into a pot towards a bulk purchase of items (like meat, grains, etc. that are good to have on hand).

We’re up $3.17 overall for the month so far. I’m hoping to get to the $8-10 range by the end of the month.

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