The Grocery Report – Week 8

Welcome back for week 8 of The Grocery Report!

This week, we cooked a planned meal and created a meal with a couple different variations that came out of the freeze.

I spent $54.43 of my $62.50 allotment.

Week 7
$54.43 spent, $8.07 leftover

What did I buy?

$0.90 bananas – 5
$1.52 zucchini – 2
$0.70 yellow onion – 1
$0.78 red onion – 1
$0.54 lemon – 1
$0.78 cilantro – 1 bunch
$1.74 Great Value jar minced garlic 8 oz.
$3.48 Great Value traditional apple pie, 34 oz.
$1.98 Great Value kettle cooked jalapeno potato chips 8 oz.
$2.00 Oscar Meyer thick sliced bologna 16 oz.
$4.73 Great Value frozen chicken thighs – 4 lb.
$2.68 Sara Lee artesano bakery bread – 1 loaf
$2.28 Clear American seltzer (Peach, Apple) – 4 bottles
$1.87 Great Value sour cream -24 oz.
$3.84 Land o Lakes butter with olive oil/sea salt – 13 oz.
$3.15 Great Value skim milk- 1 gallon
$2.52 Great Value classic olive oil – 17 oz.
$0.98 Great Value onion powder – 3.25 oz.
$2.46 Great Value old fashioned oats – 42 oz.

$1.87 Gain dishwashing liquid dish soap 21.6 oz.
$6.63 Mrs. Meyers hand soap
$7.00 Lysol Disinfectant/Walmart spray bleach

What did we eat this week?

We cooked a huge batch of the Bacon Spinach Onion pasta we love so much. We actually omitted the cheese this time because we didn’t have any pepper jack cheese and it was still REALLY GOOD. We cooked two boxes of pasta and ate this three days. There was an in-between day where we each had a sandwich to get by. The week finished off with a big pot of taco meat. We don’t follow a recipe for this, we cooked ground beef with spices we use for most things (cumin, cayenne, onion powder, garlic salt, pepper) and cilantro. We used this for burritos and switched up the toppings for the last few days of the week.

I opted to buy a frozen apple pie (an entire apple pie) instead of the individually wrapped ones my s.o. usually asks for. I also bought the Walmart brand potato chips to try this week. We were pleasantly satisfied with both of these items and will purchase them again. The pie didn’t save any money but it was more in terms of quantity for the same price and I saved $2 on the potato chips as compared to the Lay’s chips I bought previously.

I happened to see a Lysol concentrate and spray bleach when I was in an actual Walmart store within the last two weeks so I bought one of each.

End of Month Progress

Overall, I spent $238.83 of the allotted $250 for the month. This means I can transfer $11.17 leftover funds into the extra grocery money pot.

Onto July!

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