The Grocery Report – Week 9

Happy weekend and a happy welcome to week 9 of The Grocery Report!

This week, we were lacking a bit in the creativity department. We cooked frozen egg rolls and a box of burgers and snacked on both of these for the week.

An aside: We tweaked our marinated bean dip (again) and ate it all week for lunch/snacks. We’ve been tweaking it for weeks and it’s improved so much that I feel it needs its own recipe post (more to come).

I spent $55.56 of my $62.50 allotment.

Week 9
$55.56 spent, $6.94 leftover

What did I buy?

$0.90 roma tomatoes – 3
$0.78 red onion – 1
$0.70 yellow onion – 1
$0.90 bananas – 5
$1.74 Great Value jalapeno jack tortilla chips – 11 oz. (these are a medium sized bag, but so good)
$2.12 Great Value sour cream and onion potato chips 14.75 oz.
$1.56 hass avocados -2
$1.84 Great value deli style mozzarella cheese slices – 12 count
$1.38 red bell pepper – 1
$0.76 green bell pepper
$2.73 Stonefire roasted garlic naan- 2 count
$1.89 Great value skim milk – 0.5 gallon
$1.99 Sams Choice everything bagel seasoning (also so good)
$1.89 Great value large white eggs- 18 count
$1.98 Land o Lakes garlic & herb butter spread 6.5 oz.
$2.94 International Delight hazelnut coffee creamer – 1 qt.
$2.68 Sara Lee original artesano bakery bread – 1 loaf
$2.76 Mission burrito flour tortillas – 8 ct.
$0.98 Great Value garlic salt
$2.76 Clear American sparkling peach cans – 12 ct.
$1.57 Great Value garlic texas toast – 8 ct.
$1.64 Great Value penne pasta 16 oz. – 2 boxes
$5.94 Great Value boneless Skinless chicken breasts (frozen) 3 lb.

$2.47 Grease Monkey nitrile gloves – 20 ct.
$2.65 Great value distilled white vinegar – 1 gal.
$0.98 Paren’t Choice tear-free baby shampoo – 15 oz.
$0.97 Equate original body wash – 12 oz.
$2.98 Equate beauty dry skin facial cream- 6.5 oz

What did we eat this week?

None of the planned recipes, I’m afraid. I had oven chicken fajitas, a fancy mozzarella/tomato grilled cheese, and falafel on the dock for this week but it just didn’t happen. We fell back on a box of egg rolls and burgers that were in the deep freezer and ate off them most of the week. I also picked up a watermelon last week that served as a great snack several days after dog walking in the 100 degree heat. I try not to rely too heavily on freezer items like this but it’s still easier on the pocket than anything we would’ve ordered in.

This week, we learned that the Walmart store brand sour cream and onion chips (that rival the Lays brand) are just as good and half the price. Win! I also took a chance on the Walmart brand jalapeno jack flavored tortilla chips to eat with the marinated beans and they’re so good – I don’t think we’ll go back to plain tortilla chips.

Every week, I try to find at least one item that is cheaper or a better value than we’ve bought in past weeks. This means bigger portions for the same price or just a cheaper version of the same item (different brand, usually). While $1 here and there may not seem worth it, if I can trim an extra $2-3 each week, that’s anywhere from $10-15 usually at month’s end to transfer into the stock up fund.

This upcoming week, we’re planning to do a large pot of spaghetti, falafel and the greek turkey and rice skillet meal (hopefully). I always try to choose three meals with the goal of cooking two and filling in with smaller (usually easier/more convenient) items as necessary.

Month’s progress

So far, we’re almost a week into July (one grocery shop anyway) and up $6.94.

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