June 2020 Income Report/Overview

We’ve officially entered the second half of 2020 (what a year). While I find myself still fairly anxious about the state of both my country and the world in general, I have decided to busy myself in productivity so that I don’t otherwise sink into the black hole of bad news that is this year.

For June, I am pleased to report that I checked all the boxes and earned more this month than in previous ones. Hooray!

Let’s get into it.

Earning by gig
VIPKid: $720.00
EF: $676.80
eBay: $512.52
Poshmark: $256.74
Rover: $476.20
Grubhub/Doordash: $0
Total: $2642.26

As for the monthly budget allocations, this is where my money went:
Car insurance: $161.76/195 (Covid refund)
Roadside Assistance: $8.25
Jeep payment: $258/$258
Mint Mobile: $0
Groceries: $239.65/$250
Gas: $24.52/$172
Dogs: $78.33/$100
Netflix: $6/$6 (my share of the family plan)
At&T Internet: $70/70
Florida Blue premium: $0/$127
Homeshield home warranty: $36.66
Chase CC minimum: $40
Citibank CC minimum: $201
Paypal credit: $33
Discover loan: $369/$369
Amex payment: $5

Total: $1531.17

This month, I taught a few more VIPKid classes and a few less classes on the EF platform. eBay and Poshmark were pretty close to the amounts they were in May. Rover was significantly higher this month because I secured a new dog walking client that requires walks 3x a week. I also had two separate dog boardings during the month of June. No deliveries for June.

June’s total bills were less than May’s bills because I received another unexpected 15% refund on my car insurance from Allstate and I received a waiver on my health insurance as well. I completed activities to help with my premium a few months ago (a service Florida Blue is offering to help with Covid relief) but didn’t understand how they were applied and eventually assumed they weren’t going to be applied. Surprise! They were applied this month.

I took the difference for the dog and grocery categories and rolled them into the appropriate Qapital accounts for when I need those extra dollars. I also rolled the unexpected extra cash from my health insurance and car insurance into the Mint Mobile fund in Qapital. Next month, I’ll pay for the entire year’s worth of service (for both phones) and need to come up with $360 to do that.

Since I “used” the extra amounts in those categories, my total outgoing amount for the month was $1723.43. This means I had $918.83 leftover.

I set aside $250 for taxes and another $100 for my IRA. That left $568.83 after all the boxes were checked.

I’ve decided that moving forward, I will allot $50 each month to home improvement/creative projects if I’ve got enough extra for the month. This is an amount that will allow me to pick 1-2 projects to work on per month so that I feel I’m working on personal/creative goals as well as professional/financial goals. I transferred that $50 to a Qapital goal account as well and I will pay that remaining $518.83 to a credit card!

All of my income was based off of gig-type work that is flexible, work on your own time, and largely based out of my home. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas and will include any that I find worthwhile in future posts.

I’m excited to continue the momentum. Here we go, July!

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