The Grocery Report – Week 10

Welcome to week 10 of the grocery report!

It was a hot one in the southern parts of the U.S.

I spent $52.35 of my $62.50 allotment. Technically, I spent an extra $34 on top of this because I also bought two 5 lb. rolls of ground beef — but I pulled that from our stockpile fund.

What did I buy?

$1.52 zucchini – 2
$0.70 yellow onion – 1
$0.78 red onion – 1
$0.78 cilantro bunch – 1
$1.14 Great Value large white eggs – 12 ct.
$1.87 Great Value original sour cream – 24 oz.
$3.58 Great Value shredded colby & monterey jack cheese – 16 oz.
$8.44 Delimex beef corn taquitos – 56 ct.
$1.74 Great Value cannellini beans – 3 cans
$1.74 Great Value japapeno jack tortilla chips – 11 oz.
$2.68 Great Value bottled water – 24 ct.
$1.78 Chi-Chi’s burrito style tortillas – 8 ct.
$4.98 Great Value jasmine rice – 5 lb.
$3.28 Great Value thin sliced mesquite smoked turkey lunch meat family pack – 2 ct.
$1.00 Great Value frozen chopped spinach – 12 oz.
$0.57 Clear American sparkling seltzer bottle mandarin orange – 1
$2.44 Cacique pork chorizo 10 oz. – 2
$2.68 Sara Lee artesano bread – 1 loaf
$1.98 Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix – 17.5 oz.

$3.67 Great Value ultra strong paper towels – 2 double rolls
$4.44 St. Ives blackhead clearing face scrub – 6 oz.

We tried the Chi-Chi’s tortillas this week to see if they rival the Mission tortillas we typically buy. We’ve tried the Walmart brand of tortillas and the texture isn’t as good. The Chi-Chi’s aren’t quite as soft but they’re good enough and save us $1 per pack. We also tried the Walmart family size lunch meat and found that it too was good enough for us and almost a $3 savings over the Oscar Meyer pack I’ve purchased in the past.

I also purchased the corn tortilla taquitos this time because the flour tortilla taquitos were out of stock. We found that you get more taquitos in a box by purchasing the corn tortilla version, but that they’re smaller. We like the taste of both, though, and could buy either option in the future depending on availability.

What did we eat this week?
This week: we ate spaghetti several days, cooked frozen taquitos and ended the week with some caesar chicken that we ate over rice and in quesadillas.

Month’s progress
So far, 10 weeks into this experiment – we’ve managed to stay under budget and even roll over extra dollars into a stockpile fund. I’ve been wondering if I need to increase the weekly budget by a few dollars, though, to account for upcoming months where we’ll need to purchase more expensive household goods like trash bags, laundry detergent, air filters, etc.

For week 10, though, I came in $10.15 under budget. This means I’m up a total of $17.09 for July so far!

You can see all of the recipes that we’ve tried and decided to add to the regular rotation on my Pinterest board – here.

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