The Grocery Report – Week 12

Welcome to week 12 of the grocery report! We’re officially three months into this experiment. If you’re new, this is the weekly recap into my household and grocery budget. I have trimmed our monthly food/household budget to $250 a month and have begun shopping weekly. My goal is to stay under $62.50 a week for all food/household related items we need for that week.

Another regular week, staying right on my weekly average of $55. I spent exactly $55 of the $62.50 allotment this week. I also had to buy coffee and trash bags, though and used all of the extra rollover I had accumulated this month. The grand total was $85 including the extra funds.

What did I buy?

$3.28 Great Value thin sliced premium oven roasted turkey 16 oz.
$1.34 Simply Lemonade 11.5 oz.
$0.70 yellow onion – 1
$0.78 red onion – 1
$0.90 bananas – 4
$2.12 Great Value sour cream and onion potato chips party size bag
$1.53 Great Value cantina style salsa verde – 24 oz.
$6.54 Beef Choice angus eye round thin steak – .75 lb.
$2.78 Great Value beef & bean burritos – 8 ct.
$2.68 Sara Lee artesano bread – 1 loaf
$2.28 Clear American seltzer (peach/apple) – 4 bottles
$0.82 Great Value penne pasta 16 oz. – 1 box
$3.84 Land o Lakes butter with olive oil & sea salt- 13 oz.
$2.38 Great Value fat free skim milk- 1 gallon
$1.98 Great Value shredded pepper jack cheese – 8 oz.
$3.56 Chi-Chi’s burrito style tortillas 8 ct. – 2 packs

Household Items
$0.98 Equate medium plastic bandages – 60 ct.
$10.72 Great Value ultra strong toilet paper – 12 mega rolls
$2.64 Great Value distilled vinegar -1 gallon
$1.98 Great Value every day paper towels – 2 double rolls

What did we eat?

This week, I splurged a bit on the package of beef to make (our favorite) pan of enchiladas. It really could have used more beef than I bought but the beef is twice as costly as a [bigger] bag of chicken. We have plans to try out a version with chicken in the future.

The enchiladas lasted several days and we filled in the gaps with quesadillas and sandwiches this week. We never feel much like cooking on Saturdays so we popped the rest of the taquitos in the oven and called that good.

Thoughts on the experiment after 3 months

I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I can cut out grocery bill down and not really feel as thought we cut it down. It has really come down to choosing if I want certain items this week or next week instead of getting them all in the same week. I have still been able to buy everything we need as well as the indulgence items we could easily eliminate if we really had to cut our costs down.

We’ve also tried many more generic versions of the regular items we buy and have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of those items as well. The only item that was a negative experience was the Walmart brand coffee. Although I would like to pay $5 for can of coffee that lasts nearly two months, I had a feeling that was just too good to be true when I bought it. I will happily pay the $13 for the Bj’s brand coffee that I actually enjoy that also lasts about two months.

Overall, for the month we came in at $249.57– just under the line.

Going into month four, I’ve decided to up the allotment by $10 for the month. I have spent about $55 per week on the regular items that we need every week. This leaves me with $5-7 every week extra funds but it’s not quite enough when one of the bulk items needs to be replaced (coffee, trash bags, air filters, laundry detergent, etc.) So, beginning in August I will work with $260 instead of $250 for the month and see how that goes.

You can see all of the recipes that we’ve tried and decided to add to the regular rotation on my Pinterest board – here.

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