The Grocery Report – Week 13

Welcome to week 13 of the grocery report! If you’re new, this is the weekly recap into my household and grocery budget. I have trimmed our monthly food/household budget to $260 a month and have begun shopping weekly. My goal is to stay under $65 a week for all food/household related items we need for that week for a household of two adults.

This is the first week into August and the first week I’ve adjusted how I look at the weekly numbers. I increased the month budget $10 so that we can easily account for the bigger bulk purchase items that keep coming around (air filters, trash bags, coffee, — anything from the warehouse club basically). This month, my goal will be to stay in the $55-60 range for food and use that extra $5-10 each week to go towards household items. Since I spend right around $55 every week on groceries (and usually 1-2 smaller household items), I think this will be doable.

This week, I spent $51.90 on food. I also bought a a bottle of lotion for $3.42 and will list it in the separate “household item” budget.

What did I buy?

$0.78 red onion – 1
$0.70 yellow onion – 1
$0.53 bananas – 3
$0.38 lime – 1
$3.28 Great Value thin sliced oven roasted turkey lunch meat – 16 oz.
$2.16 Activia lowfat probiotic strawberry yogurt – 4 oz. cups, 4 ct.
$1.46 Great Value large white eggs – 18 ct.
$4.62 Tyson spicy chicken patties
$2.28 Clear American sparkling water (apple and peach) – 4 ct.
$2.68 Great Value bottled water -24 ct.
$2.68 Sara Lee Artesano bakery bread – 1 loaf
$3.96 Great Value shredded hot jalapeno & habanero jack cheese 8 oz. – 2 packs
$3.06 Great Value medium cantina style salsa verde – 24 oz. – 2 jars
$1.76 Mission street taco flour tortillas – 12 ct.
$3.56 Chi-Chi’s burrito style flour tortillas – 8 ct. – 2 packs
$9.46 Great Value frozen chicken thighs 4 lb. – 2 bags
$1.28 Great Value cream cheese -8 oz.
$1.18 Great Value half & half – 16 oz.
$1.00 Great Value golden sweet whole kernel corn 15 oz. -2 cans
$4.40 Seedless watermelon

$3.42 Equate aloe care body lotion – 24.5 oz

What did we eat?

This week, we cooked the ever popular spinach bacon pasta out of pantry/freezer items we already had on hand and ate that for several days. We also cooked the salsa verde enchiladas again this week, but this time with chicken thighs instead of beef. It was a few more steps but turned out just as good and actually made more food for less money. We prefer beef to chicken usually but I buy a lot more chicken since it’s much more affordable than beef.

I also purchased a few seemingly random ingredients this week (the cream cheese, the half & half and corn) to go towards a recipe we’ll make next week. I wanted to stay under $60 this week so I split the ingredients for an upcoming recipe with next week’s shop since we won’t be making it until next week anyway.

I also planned on street tacos for this week but it will likely slide into next week. I usually buy something frozen every other week or so for the ‘I don’t feel like cooking nights’ and these spicy chicken patties are a great option for that.

Weekly/Monthly Progress

The plan for August is to spend $55 per week on food items only and gives me a food budget of $220. I can then spend up to $40 on household items.

So far, I’ve spent $51.90 of the $220 (for food) and $3.42 of the $40 (for household items.) Any leftover funds will get rolled over into a holding account for future spending when we need it.

You can see all of the recipes that we’ve tried and decided to add to the regular rotation on my Pinterest board – here.

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