The Grocery Report – Week 14

Welcome to week 14 of the grocery report! If you’re new, this is the weekly recap into my household and grocery budget. I have trimmed our monthly food/household budget to $260 a month and have begun shopping weekly. My goal is to stay under $65 a week for all food/household related items we need for that week for a household of two adults.

My goal is to spend $55 or less on food each week (considering 4 grocery trips per month) and less than $40 on household goods for the month. It’s difficult to fit the household items into the weekly amounts because they often blow the weekly budget since these are usually bulk items that cost $8-20 (toilet paper, air filters, trash bags, etc.)

This week, I spent $61.32 on food (going over the $55 average). I also bought a few household items totaling $19.22.

What did I buy?

$2.56 Marketside organic arugula & spinach – 5 oz.
$0.78 Fresh cilantro
$0.70 – yellow onion – 1
$4.40 seedless watermelon
$2.84 Great Value mozzarella string cheese – 12 ct.
$1.98 Marketside roasted garlic hummus – 10 oz.
$1.51 Great Value large white eggs – 18 ct.
$2.94 International Delight hazelnut coffee creamer – 1 qt.
$3.68 Snack Factory pretzel crisps garlic parmesan party size – 14 oz.
$1.24 Lay’s Stax original potato crisps – 5.5 oz.
$2.12 Great Value sour cream & onion chips party size bag – 14.75 oz.
$1.57 Great Value garlic texas toast – 8 ct.
$2.78 Great Value frozen beef & bean burritos – 8 ct.
$2.85 Clear American seltzer (peach, mandarin orange) – 5 bottles
$1.64 Great Value penne pasta 16 oz. – 2 boxes
$3.28 Great Value thin sliced oven roasted turkey family pack – 16 oz.
$2.38 Great Value skim milk – 1 gallon
$3.76 Sam’s Choice italia potato gnocchi – 17.6 oz – 2 packs
$3.56 Chi-Chi’s burrito style tortillas 8 ct. – 2 packs
$5.36 Sara Lee artesano bakery bread – 2 loaves
$1.28 Great Value tomato sauce 15 oz. – 2 cans
$3.27 Russet potatoes – 5 lb. bag
$1.00 Great Value frozen spinach – 12 oz.
$1.87 Great Value original sour cream – 24 oz.

$3.68 Great Value double zipper sandwich bags – 200 ct.
$2.58 Fabuloso all purpose cleaner passion fruit – 56 oz.
$0.98 Parent’s choice tear free baby shampoo – 15 oz.
$11.98 Equate nitrile exam gloves – 200 ct.

What did we eat?

This week, we had mixed up a big batch of tuna and had sandwiches several days. We also cooked some ground beef (cooked with spices, garlic, onions to make taco meat) and had burritos and rice several days. The ingredients this shopping trip will actually be cooked this coming week because the grocery trip was delayed a few days – I just couldn’t make it to the grocery store so we had to make due with what we had. This coming week, we’ll try a new gnocchi recipe and cook the street tacos I had on the dock for last week. We’ve also got spicy chicken patties in the freezer, ready to go on a whim.

I spent more this week mostly because I bought some snacks for the work week. I’ve eaten a lot more sandwiches over the past few weeks because we don’t have any snack items in the house. I will simply adjust the last two grocery trips for this month by a few dollars to make sure I don’t go over the month’s budget.

I bought a big box of gloves mostly because I haven’t been able to get them for months (out of stock like all cleaning supplies) because we use them for dealing with raw meat and cleaning every week. We also got a bigger box of sandwich bags than we needed because the smaller options weren’t available but it’s not as if these will go bad. I used to buy the $1 Fabuloso bottle at the Dollar Tree but realized they sell a much bigger bottle at Walmart. They actually sell even bigger bottles at Walmart, but in other scents that I don’t particularly care for. We mix this up in spray bottles to clean the countertops during the week and go into the floor cleaner when we clean the floors every weekend.

Weekly/Monthly Progress

So far, I’ve spent $113.22 of the $220 food budget. I’ve spent $22.64 of the $40 household budget. Any leftover funds will get rolled over into a holding account for future spending when we need it.

You can see all of the recipes that we’ve tried and decided to add to the regular rotation on my Pinterest board – here.

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