The Grocery Report – Week 15

Welcome to week 15 of the grocery report! If you’re new, this is the weekly recap into my household and grocery budget. I have trimmed our monthly food/household budget to $260 a month and have begun shopping weekly. My goal is to stay under $65 a week for all food/household related items we need for that week for a household of two adults.

My goal is to spend $55 or less on food each week (considering 4 grocery trips per month) and less than $40 on household goods for the month. It’s difficult to fit the household items into the weekly amounts because they often blow the weekly budget since these are usually bulk items that cost $8-20 (toilet paper, air filters, trash bags, etc.)

This week, I spent $35.32 on food that we’ll consume. I also bought a few things for the dogs ($5.24) and a few household items that totaled $6.50.

What did I buy?

$0.78 red onion – 1
$2.28 – zucchini – 3
$1.51 Great Value 18 large white eggs
$2.12 Great Value Sour Cream & Onion Chips – party size bag 14.75 oz.
$1.24 Lay’s Stax Original Chips – 1 can
$1.22 Cacique pork chorizo – 10 oz.
$4.73 Great Value frozen chicken thighs – 4 lb.
$2.76 Clear American sparkling water cans peach – 12 cans
$2.68 Sara Lee Artesano bakery bread – 1 loaf
$1.78 Chi-Chi’s burrito style tortillas – 8 ct.
$1.48 Great Value dry pinto beans – 32 oz.
$1.39 Great Value 0% skim milk – 1/2 gal.
$2.66 Great Value white american cheese – 24 slices
$1.84 Great Value deli style sliced pepperjack cheese slices – 12 ct.
$1.98 Land o Lakes garlic & herb butter – 6.5 oz
$2.78 Great Value beef & bean burritos – 8 ct.

$0.80 Great Value distilled water – 1 gallon
$1.98 Palmolive dish soap almond milk & blueberry scent – 20 oz.
$2.64 Great Value distilled white vinegar – 1 gallon
$1.88 Suave men’s body wash – 15 oz.

$2.96 Milk-Bone small dog biscuits – 24 oz.
$1.68 Great Value frozen green beans 12 2oz. – 2 bags
$0.60 2-ply toilet paper – 4 ct.

My goal was to stay below $45 for food this week since I went over a bit last week and realized my math has been off all month. I made an initial purchase at the warehouse club and forgot to factor it in. I typically don’t include dog purchases in the regular grocery budget because they have their own budget, but I am over budget in that area this month because of how the dog food shipments fell this month. Considering both the food for the humans and dogs, I spent $40.56. I was able to stay under budget because we have all of the ingredients to make one of our meals this week and the second is simple and cost-effective.

What will we eat?

This week, I have these grilled zucchini hummus wraps and a big pot of spaghetti on the agenda. This past week, we tried this corn & gnocchi with arugula recipe and I wasn’t blown away. We finally made the chicken street tacos and while I personally thought they were quite good, my s.o. maintains that they were a lot of work and may not be worth recreating exactly the same way.

Weekly/Monthly Progress

So far, I’ve spent $199.46 of the overall $260 budget. The food/household division has gotten muddied this month because I forgot the $15 paper towels purchase from the beginning of the month. While not ideal, it’s okay–it means that we still have $60.54 to spend for the rest of the month.

You can see all of the recipes that we’ve tried and decided to add to the regular rotation on my Pinterest board – here.

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