July 2020 Income Report/Overview

Welcome back for another income report! Each month, I share my monthly income and the gigs I used to earn the money. Blogger income reports are what inspired me to really think outside the box when it comes to traditional employment. One day, I hope to add a column that has a figure for blogging income but until then, I have included all of the gigs that I currently do during the week to make a full time income (for me) on part time hours. While some people may not consider these numbers to be full time, it allows me to make more money than I’ve personally ever made working in the restaurant industry (my past life) while working less than 40 hours a week and on a flexible schedule that I set myself.

Today, I present to you July’s numbers. I realize we’re nearly through August at this point but I needed to wait for confirmation on the teaching amount since my tally did not equal the company’s tally. Surprisingly, my records were lower than theirs but they did indeed confirm the higher number. Since I’ve got the final numbers now, let’s dig in.

Earning by gig
VIPKid: $572.00
EF: $868.20 (+$21 according to their records) =$889.20
eBay: $329.35
Poshmark: $61.23
Rover: $652.00
Wag: $21.60
Doordash/Grubhub: $0
Total: $2525.38

As for the monthly budget allocations, this is where my money went:

Car insurance: $190/$190
Roadside Assistance: $8.25
Jeep payment: $258/$258
Mint Mobile: $0
Groceries: $249/250
Gas: $27.14/$172
Dogs: $92/$100
Netflix: $6/$6 (my share of the family plan)
At&T Internet: $70/70
Florida Blue premium: $23.84/$127 (Covid relief)
Homeshield home warranty: $36.66
Chase CC minimum: $73
Citibank CC minimum: $201
Paypal credit: $33 (added to Chase minimum payment)
Discover loan: $369/$369
Amex payment: $5

Total: $1720.05

This month, I taught more classes on the EF platform and less with VIPKid. I am shifting my focus away from VIPKid for two reasons: the 5 am wake ups are slowly killing me and beginning next month, I will be on the new pay structure that essentially equals out to making less money. I have a handful of kids that I genuinely enjoy seeing a few days a week so I will continue to teach classes but I am going to be scaling back my availability to rest a bit more and focus elsewhere.

Both eBay and Poshmark dropped considerably this month. I had a feeling this was coming since eBay is working behind the scenes to implement their own in-house payment system for the last portion of sellers (me) and finally part ways with Paypal officially. Over the years, I have realized that when there are internal changes happening, visibility is always affected. I also think most people have spent the rest of their stimulus checks too so there is overall less expendable cash flowing through eBay. I have begun tinkering with eBay to try to boost sales because this is below my $500 monthly goal for eBay/Poshmark.

On the dog walking front, the numbers continue to grow. I had more walks overall with more dogs and I also reactivated my Wag profile. It is very different from Rover and I certainly prefer Rover but it adds the ability to proactively find new clients rather than waiting for them to find me.

I did not do any deliveries again this month.

This month, the bills were higher because the car insurance refunds ended. I did still have a discount on my health insurance premium from activities I completed recently. I took the difference from that bill and put it into my fund towards prepaying for a year of Mint Mobile. Moving forward, we will not have a cell phone bill until August 2021. I will continue to set aside $30 each month to prepay another year when it’s time to do so, though. I also took the difference for the dog and grocery categories and rolled them into the appropriate Qapital accounts for when I need those extra dollars.

I sent my regular monthly transfer of $100 to my IRA and $250 to my tax account. After both of these transfers and all of the bills were paid, I had $455.33 extra. This amount will [also] go towards paying down a credit card. I won’t be setting aside the $50 for creative/DIY projects out of this amount for August because I transferred a hefty amount of credit card rewards into that fund, instead.

My goal for future months is to eradicate $0 days on the monthly income sheet. Most of those days fall on weekends when I don’t teach or walk dogs. In the past, I’ve relied on eBay to fill in those gaps typically. My goal is to have each of the $0 days instead be $25 days. If every weekend day was equal to an additional $25, I could add another $200 or so to my bottom line.

All of my income was based off of gig-type work that is flexible, work on your own time, and largely based out of my home. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas and will include any that I find worthwhile in future posts.

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